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Pottery Workshop:
Make a mug and coaster

 This class will introduce you to techniques such as slab rolling, carving, embossing and joining. Templates are provided for the class.. read more.


Pottery Workshop: Make a Ceramic Oil Burner

Handbuild a ceramic tea light essential oil/ wax melt burner to fill your home with gorgeous smells. This workshop is suitable... read more.


Make & paint your own plant pot from scratch

Fancy getting stuck into hand-building in a fun, friendly, and accessible way? This pottery works..  read more.

BYOB make a mug workshop

What better way to get stuck into pottery? Get creative and enjoy a tipple as you learn a little bit about ceramics .. read more.

Dinner set

Pottery course: Make a dinner set (4 week course)

Master the basics of pottery and prepare to get stuck in to the creative process, from planning your design to creating..  read more.


Ceramic vase workshop

One of my absolute favourite things to make are vases! You can get so creative with the form and functionality of them. In this class you'll be taught the hand building techniques of pinching and coiling to create unique vases...  read more.


Ceramic butter dish workshop

This handbuilding workshop will take you through different techniques in order to create your very own custom butter dish. You will be encouraged to take the shape and style​ more.

Decorative ceramic tea light workshop

In this ceramic workshop you will be taken through the technique of slab building to make you very own decorative tea light house. During the first 10 minutes of the workshop... read more.

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